Memorial glass

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Memorial Art Glass is a new and unique way to honor and memorialize your loved one’s memory, by suspending a small amount of ash within the timelessness of glass. Our artistic process uses techniques to combine cremains with the skill of creating beautiful glass art that is as unique as the loved one it memorializes. Embedding ash in hot molten glass creates a chemical reaction that  produces bubbles and a swirling action that plays off color and light, creating a one-of-a-kind object that can be embraced and gazed upon forever.  These beautiful objects can be displayed anywhere. These handcrafted remembrances provide a contemporary alternative to the traditional urn.

Each piece is a unique creation that can be a lasting memorial designed by you via style and color.  Memorial art glass is a personal, tangible item that we hope offers comfort for the loss of someone dear. Each piece requires only a small amount of ash, so multiple family members can each have their own custom glass piece, and still have plenty of ash to scatter, bury or keep.

At Oregon Coast Glassworks, honoring your loved one’s cremated remains is a delicate procedure taken with care to assure that your loved one’s cremains are kept safe and returned to you. Prices begin at just $95.00.